Dragons & Demons That Can Ruin A Good Sales Pitch

How to run a business, well that is the 64000 dollar question these days.  There is a brilliant tv show in which a panel of seriously good business magnates are sat together to decide if any of them wish to invest in start up type companies that are paraded before them.  The hopeful applicaants generally have a product or plan that requires X amount of capital from one or more of the panel for a certain percentage stake in the firm.  Very often the planning has been well executed  but the presentation lets them down.  Or when they come to explain how they reached their business plan, another essential part of their application, they stumble at explaining how they managed to come up with the figures they spout.   It can be difficult to watch, espeially if no one decides to basck any ventures. It’s like a public humiliation for the applicant.  However, very often when this has happened, maybe because they cannot make a case for their idea or the money side doesn’t add up, if the company puts on as brave face and politely grovel as they back out of the studio, another completely disassociated company will contact them and make a better offer.  No end of products in our every day lives were borne of this programme and came up roses with private bankers as  a result.  Business is business after all.