Looking After The Customer Should Be Any company No.1 Policy

The need for business owners to take the lead and ensure their company runs a decent customer service department has never been more vital than in today’s difficult trading conditions.  Take airlines.  They are trying to run on very limited air fare capacity, passengers are getting heavier every year and they are carrying much more luggage than ever before.   They deal with millions of customers a year, with various issues and needs.  it can be difficult to keep a good humour when things go wrong and the queues are getting restless.  So this is exactly when a really good customer service department is needed more than ever.  I have had very little problem with my many air bookings – so far, fingers crossed this does not change any time soon, non of my luggage has ever gone missing.   I have never turned up for a flight to find it’s been cancelled.   The only vaguely interesting thing that has happened to me so far, until this year, is a lady going into a diabetic melton down within half an hour of a 5 hour flight home from the Med.  That was fascinating, being an onlooker without any connection to the unfortunate passenger or her hapless other half, I could only look on, as did the first 10 rows either side.  But customer service via the cockpit was exemplary.